Successful Organisational Transformation through Collaboration

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Bringing People together to Change systems and processes

 There is growing evidence that transformations are very difficult to implement. Fewer than 60% of programmes are completed on time and only 40% are completed to budget.A third of projects fail to reach their objectives entirely, only a small improvement on the figure of 20% five years ago. Not a good prognosis given the increasing the rate of change. So what is going awry?

Recent research* tells us that what makes change successful is reducing the impact of change on staff.  

While project management is important, the ‘soft’ people issues are critical for success. In failed transformations,


Today’s Management - Problem Fixers or Solution finders?

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 All too often Managers are great “Problem fixers” when really what we believe is that Managers should be “Solution Finders”, always on the lookout for Solutions and empowering their people to be Solution lead also... We all know how easy it is to find problems!

The Stredia Leadership Diagnostic tool gives a direct insight into the niggles and frustrations with in your business but is Solution lead... the Organisational X-ray will identify


Stredia Events & Briefings

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Stredia Events 2013

Stredia are currently planning a series of UK briefings, so watch this space.. We will be coming to your city soon..

Whether you are a Managing Director or CEO driving Profitability, Strategy & Change; a Finance Director looking to drive down costs; an Operations Manager looking at driving efficiencies; or a HR Manager addressing Health, Wellbeing & Retention; you and your company will benefit from thes informative event.

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Local Government Association Annual Conference

28th Feb Everglades hotel, Derry, County Londonderry

Contact Angela McArdle for more information - Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Phone 02890 726043


Stredia - improving the UK workplace

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Latest figures published by HSE state that 52% of absence in the workplace is stress related! 

  •  Do you have you a clear picture of your workplace Stress?
  •  Are you complying with HSE guidelines in managing it?
  •  Are your employees happy and satisfied, promoting their place of work as a positive environment?

“Issues at work” are one of the main causes of stress reported by patients in the doctor’s surgery…..but few people really want to lift the lid on why it is happening….so much so that its now much more commonplace to talk about “Wellbeing in the Workplace” and “Organisational Health”….than mention “Stress”?