Today’s Management - Problem Fixers or Solution finders?

Written by Gerard O'Hanlon. Posted in News

 All too often Managers are great “Problem fixers” when really what we believe is that Managers should be “Solution Finders”, always on the lookout for Solutions and empowering their people to be Solution lead also... We all know how easy it is to find problems!

The Stredia Leadership Diagnostic tool gives a direct insight into the niggles and frustrations with in your business but is Solution lead... the Organisational X-ray will identify

the simple steps you can take to Engage your Staff, Improve the work Environment and improve overall Performance.

Stredia highlight what you are doing well giving you the opportunity to praise good work... Stredia will help you to empower your staff to identify and develop Solutions that will deliver consistent Business and Performance Improvement.

Where Operations Managers come in... Operations Managers have the responsibility for ensuring that Business Operations are efficient in terms of using as few resources as possible and effective in terms of meeting all customer requirements.

Managing the process that converts inputs, in the forms of materials, labour, and energy; into outputs, means that Operations Managers need timely and useful information to fulfil their duty.

As in engineering an Operations Manager will have to blend Art with Applied Science to deliver the desired outcomes; using a mixture of people skills, creativity, rational analysis, and the knowledge of technology. These are all required for success.

Operations Managers will have robust measurements of the physical aspects of responsibility; supply chain, logistics, condition of equipment, absence… but may lack clear information on the people improvement aspects.

Being given basic information on absence and engagement levels but little information on how they can help their staff to become more efficient and effective. Information about the “niggles and frustrations” that may impede performance and Business Success.

Stredia delivers that information in a graphically rich dashboard that simply highlights and prioritises where busy Managers can get maximum benefit, and only taking seven minutes of staff time

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