Teachers' Working Environment Improved

Written by Gerard O'Hanlon. Posted in News

Stredia improving working environment of Staff at Coolmine School

Coolmine is a community school providing for over 1100 pupils aged 12 to 18 who live mainly within a geographically defined catchment area. The principal and Senior Management Team wanted to audit stress for the 80 staff within the school.


  • A risk assessment was required to audit the stress for staff within the school.
  • Gaining confidence and trust from staff
  • Auditing stress from teachers needed to be done in a quick and efficient way.

The solution
The Senior Management Team used Stredia to produce and distribute questionnaires to the 80 staff within the organisation which allowed for a detailed independent analysis of the school:

  • All staff were engaged & entered their information via the portal in 5 minutes
  • Teachers were able to complete the survey quickly and efficiently at a time that best suited them.
  • Qualitative answers were also collected giving teachers the chance to comment; allowing the quantitative answers to have more meaning. 
  • Managers were able to monitor this progress remotely.
  • Easy to interpret reports were immediately generated & available online.
  • Stredia ensured a quick turnaround of information to report back to staff.

The Plan
One week after the information was collected, results were presented to the Senior Management Team and feedback presentations to staff were scheduled. The health and safety working group presented the finding as they were seen as an independent external professional facilitator.

  • Solutions to problems were developed at three levels; micro (what staff can do for themselves), macro (what the teachers would like the school management team to do) and strategic level (longer term solutions that mat be high cost and may include negotiation within the department).
  • The solutions were assessed by the Senior Management Team to agree their feasibility in terms of cost and other implications.
  • The Solutions were recorded in Work Positive risk assessment templates. Including actions, responsibilities and review dates for each solution.
  • A timeline for completion and a person responsible for each action and review date were agreed upon.

The Benefits

  • The online tool had a beneficial effect on the working environment in the school for the staff and management.
  • Stress causing factors in the work place were identified and acted upon.
  • New photocopiers were introduced to aid easy access and increase the productions of class material to alleviate stress from staff. 
  • Increased support from management.

Customer comment

"The support given for using Stredia was excellent; in the current economic climate it would be good to get further support to help maintain the work positive process as a continuous improvement model.”

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