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Written by Geoff Thomas. Posted in News

Latest figures published by HSE state that 52% of absence in the workplace is stress related! 

  •  Do you have you a clear picture of your workplace Stress?
  •  Are you complying with HSE guidelines in managing it?
  •  Are your employees happy and satisfied, promoting their place of work as a positive environment?

“Issues at work” are one of the main causes of stress reported by patients in the doctor’s surgery…..but few people really want to lift the lid on why it is happening….so much so that its now much more commonplace to talk about “Wellbeing in the Workplace” and “Organisational Health”….than mention “Stress”?

Change Management - In the current climate we must adapt to change, it’s everywhere! Few of us embrace change at the rate our company require us to…..change is often scary….we are taken out of our comfort zone…..roles change….more responsibility maybe….more pressure......tighter reigns…..feel familiar… is the working environment really effecting your people?….and the bigger question….do you really want to know?

  • Do you have absolute visibility of what is going on in your organisation?
  • Can you recognise the early warning signals that let both you and your management team address the issues that are causing stress?
  • Are you really prepared to engage with your staff to address workplace stressors?

Stredia work with organisations across the UK & Ireland helping them to improve their working environment and manage work related stress. Use of this simple business intelligence tool enables your organisation to comply with HSE Regulations for managing workplace stress.
For further information and to book a consultation contact Angela McArdle on 02890 726043 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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