Simple metrics smartly deployed give Leaders a Real-time business insight

Written by Geoff Thomas. Posted in News

Are You Moving the Levers or Reading the Dials?

Many organisations are now trying to mine their extensive data banks to analyse staff trends in order to make smarter business critical decisions. With 60% of costs in the IT sector attributed directly to staff for example, you can see why attention is drawn to these statistics. Everyone is trying to do more with the same number of staff if not fewer. But are firms looking in the wrong direction?

Retrospective analytics such as engagement levels or staff satisfaction levels give a picture of where staff attitudes are now or in some cases were some time ago, making decisions about how to influence behaviour less targeted.

Smarter analytics such as our Leadership Diagnostic Tool (Stredia LDT) reveal the root causes of satisfaction and engagement at the line leadership level of the organisation and help strategic managers target resources to enhance performance. Simple metrics smartly deployed provide the team leadership with a future oriented view of their portion of the business and how their team can influence positive financial gain.

Work completed in the retail sector revealed to team leaders and the store manager exactly what elements of management needed to be reinforced and what needed to change, leading to a positive influence on store metrics – and the manager’s bonus!

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