Capita HR Solutions adopt the Stredia Organisational Diagnostic Tool

Written by Gerard O'Hanlon. Posted in News


Capita HR Solutions adopt the Stredia Organisational Diagnostic Tool

An intelligent organisational X-Ray, capturing real-time, business critical information

Background Capita are the UK’s leading HR Solutions provider with over 47,000 employees working in both Public & Private Sector. Capita were introduced to the Stredia Organisational Diagnostic Tool (ODT) and immediately recognised its potential value to the business.

Scope Capita used Stredia’s ODT to facilitate the internal restructure in their HR Solutions business. 

Teams were brought together from different parts of the business to deliver a more streamlined service to clients.
Solution The exercise engaged all staff providing valuable business insight. The ODT revealed such high quality information, that it is now going to be used quarterly.

Stredia ODT benefits:

-  Quick and efficient to deploy (7mins)

-  Team specific reports & a clearly presented dashboard

-  Information easily translated in to action

-  Take a real time X-Ray of your business

-  Highlight what is being done well, Identify & prioritise improvements

-  Quickly incorporate the valuable insights and suggestions into strategic plans                      

Outcomes The implementation of ODT has built and embedded a culture of continuous improvement within the business. Team leaders and managers have relevant real-time information at their fingertips. The process has empowered managers to become solution focused leaders.


Within 4 weeks:

-  All staff engaged in the change.

-  Reports presented to senior team

-  Management leadership enhanced

-  Individual team workshops conducted

-  Identified micro, macro & strategic priorities.

-  Team Leaders implemented business improvement action plans

-  ODT integrated into quarterly Business Improvement Strategy

This powerful Organisational Diagnostic Tool has been added to the Capita HR Solutions portfolio, now available to all Capita customers

Stredia add value by:

-  Improving Business Performance by providing innovative technology & coaching support 

-  Providing real-time organisational X-Rays

-  Giving leaders the feedback they need to improve team performance and coach through change

-  Empowering people to embrace change

-  Helping organisations comply with HSE guidelines for managing workplace stress

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