Employee Engagement

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An engaged employee is one who is fully involved in their work, enthusiastic about their tasks and behaves in a way that actively promotes the interests of their employers.

When employee engagement is high the business operates far better and employees too can enhance their own sense of ownership. Research shows that employee engagement and motivation scores in employee engagement surveys account for up to half of the variance in customer satisfaction scores. Increasing employee engagement translates into larger profits for companies and greater efficiencies for non profit making bodies.

Stredia offer a service which measures and improves employee engagement through root cause analysis dashboards providing an in-depth view of every team in the organisation. By improving team leader decision making our pattern recognition analysis will challenge and provoke new ways of working, taking them through the journey of change and removing the barriers and frustrations that prevent clear thinking.

“Although engagement is made up of many facets, there is one core component that managers and organisations need to grasp and take seriously: employees need to feel that their organisation is genuinely interested in them”  (Professor Ivan Robertson, The Guardian 03.05.12)

Studies have statistically demonstrated that engaged employees are more productive, more profitable, more customer-focused, safer, and less likely to leave their employer.

With a good staff engagement strategy, which we at Stredia can provide to your business; you can develop your existing staff without the need to replace them, by creating a highly engaged employees who will consistently provide discretionary effort to do a great job and show a real passion for their work; increasing your bottom line and increasing their own self worth.

Research has shown that in highly successful organisations worldwide 70% or more of their workforce possess these attitudes. We can begin this process by having your current staff partake in our employee feedback analysis.
Stredia can show you how motivated your employees are presently by providing an Employee motivation questionnaire or an employee feedback survey to see what issues may be holding them back from realising their full potential.

When employees are engaged at work there is a direct correlation with increased financial performance in addition to improved relationships with clients and customers coupled with improvements in other core metrics such as employer advocacy and job satisfaction.

Through our Employee engagement surveys you will be able to ensure that your competitive edge  is sharper than your competitors.

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